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Culinary Connection specializes in distinct tabletop, home décor, and gifts from around the world. We offer bridal registry and online shopping!

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January 13, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Very responsive and good prices on great merchandise!"
~Wilson Neyland in Texas

January 11, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"I buy things pretty regularly and appreciate the owners professionalism. She prompt with replying and extremely fair. I will continue to shop with her."
~Debbie Holland in Texas

January 11, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Love ordering from Culinary Connection!!"
~Michele Reynolds in Texas

January 9, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Great products and customer service! Definitely 5 star!!!"
~Suzanne Schrag in Texas

December 7, 2020

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"I just loved this store when it was open in The Shops of Legacy. I’m so glad I can still order products from them online!"
~Claudia Laferney in Texas

November 11, 2020

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"While I truly miss the brick and mortar store, the online shopping experience is wonderful!! They really have awesome products for your home or to give as gifts. Outstanding!!!"
~Gloria Bouras in TX in Texas

November 9, 2020

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Personalized customer service!"
~Elizabeth Erkel in Texas
Kristin Wilsey picture
Kristin Wilsey at Annieglass
September 30, 2020
Bold dramatic splatters of satin gold adorn the Splatter sculptures.
Celebrating the unique handmade slumping process for which Annieglass is known and admired, combined with the natural beauty and characteristics of glass, each piece features free form folds that vary piece to piece, ensuring no two sculptures will ever be the same.

Each piece is individually handcrafted in our studio on the California coast. We believe in the beauty of craft. Every ...Read more of post

Jason Solarek picture
September 30, 2020 • 04:53 PM
Jason at Bridge:

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Hali Vradelis at VIETRI
July 27, 2020
Liven up your everyday dinner parties with the playful designs of Santorini, inspired by a well-traveled lifestyle. Assorted blue and white patterns make entertaining fun by recreating the beautiful mosaic tiles found in the Greek Isles. Santorini Fish is a perfect mix of blue and white that easily layers with the mosaic patterns of Santorini. Handmade of hard ceramic in Portugal. Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

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